The Surge of Pressure and Vacuum. This is the Surge used to perform Full Lashings, binding an object onto another; used by Windrunners and Bondsmiths.

A Full Lashing binds objects together for as long as the Stormlight lasts. It is similar to a Basic Lashing but works on different principles. To create a Full Lashing, an object is infused with Stormlight, then pressed to another object. The two objects become bound together with an extremely powerful bond, nearly impossible to break. In fact, most materials would themselves break before the bond holding them together would. Bindspren may appear near objects held by a Full Lashing.



The Surge of Gravity. This Surge is used for Basic and Reverse Lashings. With it, the Surgebinder is able to change the direction of his/her gravitational pull and its magnitude; used by Windrunners and Skybreakers.

A Basic Lashing creates a change in gravitational pull, temporarily altering the magnitude and vector of gravity affecting an object. More than one Basic Lashing can be applied to an object at the same time, to increase its acceleration in the selected direction. Fractional Basic Lashings are also possible; a half-Lashing can be used to make an object weightless, and a quarter-Lashing to cut its weight in half.

A Reverse Lashing gives an object a gravitational pull, causing other objects to be drawn to it like to a magnet. This Lashing requires the least amount of Stormlight. It is much more difficult to have items that are on the ground pulled to this object because of the strength of the bond they have with the ground. It is easier to pull items in the air or mid-flight, for example pulling arrows towards a shield or bridge.



The Surge of Destruction and Decay. It's currently unknown how this Surge works, but it seems to be able to cause spontaneous combustion; used by Skybreakers and Dustbringers.



The Surge of Friction. With it, the Surgebinder can make the touch of their body near friction-less (i.e.: enabling them to glide across a floor as if it were slippery ice). It may do other things as well; used by Edgedancers and Dustbringers.



The Surge of Growth and Healing, or Regrowth. This Surge can exponentially speed and manipulate plant growth. At advanced stages, it also enables the Surgebinder to heal other persons, in an immensely increased version of normal Stormlight healing, capable of bringing someone back from the brink of death; used by Edgedancers and Truthwatchers.



The Surge of Light, Sound, and Various Waveforms. It's used to create illusions, both visual and auditory; used by Truthwatchers and Lightweavers.



The Surge of Soulcasting. The ability to change matter without a Soulcaster. Initially, it is restricted to the Ten Essences. But, with experience, the Soulcaster can perform more intricate and complex transformations using the Essences as a basis; used by Lightweavers and Elsecallers.

This Surge has been able to be reproduced with a technology called Fabrials, of which the Ardentia makes use.

This ability is unique among the powers of the Knights Radiant as it is the only ability that is affected by the type of gem used to power it.  For example, if a Surgebinder wanted to soulcast something into stone, s/he would have to use a topaz to enter Shadesmar.



The Surge of Motion and Realmatic Transition. There are rumors that this Surge allowed the Radiants to teleport – to instantaneously transport themselves to another location; used by Elsecallers and Willshapers.



The Surge of Strong Axial Interconnection. Little is known about how this Surge works; used by Willshapers and Stonewards.



The Surge of Soft Axial Interconnection. It is still unknown just how this Surge works; used by Stonewards and Bondsmiths.



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